How To Save Battery Power Of A Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo is one of the top rated brands and it offers long-lasting devices for a longer time. This brand has acquired IBM’s Thinkpad that is one of the demanded laptops and is the first choice of every professional. Despite its wonderful functionality, its users face low battery issue and reasons may be different and sometimes users blame to technical issues or some flaws in its battery makeup, however, they can save their battery easily by following some easy tips.

Today, We Are Here With Some Interesting Tips That Will Help Your Battery To Stay Long. In Case, You Want To Ask More, Then A Better Option Is To Connect With Lenovo Support Canada Team.

  • Always keep the brightness of your laptop on its lowest and to change the brightness of your display, press Fn key with another key (Small Sun) along with an up or down key. It will help you in setting the brightness.
  • You should close all programs running in the background and applications that are not currently in use as they use processor and cause more drain on a battery.
  • A wireless adaptor and Bluetooth take a good percentage of power; please make sure both are tuned off when they are not in use.
  • LED lights also utilize power so when you are watching a movie or you are running on low power you can turn off your LED lights.
  • USB has a characteristic that they constantly consume power from a laptop and hence it is suggested that you should take your USB out if they are not in use.
  • Whenever you are having a short break or you are not using your laptop for a small time then put your device on Standby or sleep mode.
  • In case, you are going for a long break then it is suggested to put your laptop on Hibernate mode that will help you in saving a lot of power.

If you make use of these above-given tips, you’ll be able to save battery power that will help in extending its life. For more information and guidance you can take help from Lenovo Technical Support Canada with toll free Helpline Number +1-844-478-5758.